Week in review May 1 and my deal of the week!

General Brian Mill 5 May

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Weekly mortgage update for Owen Sound

General Brian Mill 2 Jul

Today, the last Friday in June is typically the busiest closing day of the year.  Many agents I’ve spoken with say they have had a good June, and this past week has actually been fairly busy for new purchases.  I know my phone has been ringing all week and most of it new deals.  The […]

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Mortgage and real estate review April 12th 2013

General Brian Mill 12 Apr

The weather is doing its best to hold off the spring market as long as possible, however most agents I’ve been in contact with this week are saying activity is picking up.  There are buyers out there looking but they’re not acting very fast.  A colleague of mine in Barrie is saying that their inventory […]

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Real estate and mortgage weekly update March 8th

General Brian Mill 8 Mar

By most accounts things are fairly active in our local real estate market.  I’ve spoken with several realtors this week who are pleasantly surprised by the number of clients that are coming out of the woodwork.  I’m hoping this is just the tip of the iceburg as the snow is melting and it’s beginning to […]

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Mortgage and real estate review

General Brian Mill 28 Feb

It seems that many of my realtor partners have either been away, are away right now or are going away soon.  Looking outside that seems like a great idea and from what I’ve heard the activity out there is still decent.  Most agents I have spoken with are working with buyers however the buyers aren’t […]

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Weekly real estate and mortgage update

General Brian Mill 15 Feb

By most accounts the weather has finally gotten hold of the local real estate market and while it hasn’t completely stopped, it’s definitely not as brisk as it was in January. Many agents I’ve been in touch with this week are still actively working on new deals, however it is very apparent that every deal […]

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Real estate and mortgage weekly update Feb 8

General Brian Mill 8 Feb

We’re into another blast of winter and this time it seems that purchasers have finally said enough and things have slowed down a bit.  Many agents say they’re still going on listing appointments so hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have lots of inventory for these buyers to choose from, but not “too much inventory”.  […]

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