Real estate and mortgage weekly update March 8th

General Brian Mill 8 Mar

By most accounts things are fairly active in our local real estate market.  I’ve spoken with several realtors this week who are pleasantly surprised by the number of clients that are coming out of the woodwork.  I’m hoping this is just the tip of the iceburg as the snow is melting and it’s beginning to feel like spring!


I really didn’t think rates could go any lower however the interest rate market is breaking new ground.  For the first time ever I can actually advertise 2.79% on a 5 year fixed rate mortgage!  This is crazy!  I don’t know why people aren’t climbing over each other to get this rate!  Seriously though…..this is a full service 5 year fixed rate mortgage with prepayment options and all.  Call if you have questions.


This could be my last weekend of hockey hockey hockey, so I’m going to enjoy it!  As usual I will have my phone with me so feel free to call or email me anytime.