March is just around the corner!

General Brian Mill 28 Feb

February is almost over and the spring market will soon be on us.  Interest rates are sneaking back down with some lenders, however the best rate still remains the same at 3.94% for a 5 year fixed.


Many clients are leaning towards variable rate mortgages right now since there is a fairly significant differential between fixed and variable rates.  Call me anytime to discuss the best rates and which product is best for you…..519 379 3003. 


On a separate note, cell numbers will be going public next month, so make sure you register your cell number at the following website.  Phone solicitors are not allowed to call numbers on the Do Not Call list unless they already to business with you so keep that in mind.


Please check out my website for all your mortgage inquiries and contact me directly with any questions or if you’d like to discuss getting a mortgage.  Email or check out 

Have a great week!




Brian Mill, B.A., CFP, AMP

Interest rates still at good levels for spring market

General Brian Mill 23 Feb

The spring market in Grey Bruce usually begins in mid March, however the phones have been ringing already with interested potential buyers. 

Interest rates, particularly variable rates are still at near record lows and make buying a house even more attractive right now.  Prices over the past few years have not risen significantly, if at all, so many people will be getting a good deal on a house this spring. 

Many people are considering refinancing their existing mortgages too in order to take advantage of lower interest rates. 

Contact me directly at 519 379 3003 or email me at to discuss your mortgage options and I’ll help show you whether a refinance is a good idea for you. 

Have a great week!

Brian Mill,B.A., CFP, AMP

Happy Valentine’s day

General Brian Mill 14 Feb

Well, Valentine’s day is cold, windy and starting to look downright nasty weatherwise.  Hopefully your safe inside somewhere with YOUR “Valentine”. 

All the rate hikes are complete and the best deal we’re seeing right now is 3.94% on a 5 year fixed and I’m offering a special rate on variable right now at 2.15%. 

I’m not guaranteeing what’s going to happen with mortgage rates, however typically they go up in the spring, and start to fall in the, well, fall. 

If you’re looking to buy, email me or call me right away and I’ll lock in a rate for you which will guarantee today’s rate for 120 days. 

Brian Mill, B.A., CFP, AMP

519 379 3003

Cold weather, rates are heating up though

General Brian Mill 10 Feb

Interest rates took a fairly sizeable jump this week, most lenders increasing their fixed rates by 25 basis points (.25%).  The good news is, however, that prime is still at 3% and I’m offering a special rate of prime -.85% for a limited period of time to get the spring market rolling. 

Now that there is almost a 2% spread between a 5 year fixed and variable rates, I would expect many people to lean towards the variable side when choosing a mortgage.  Another good option is to “split” your mortgage into two components, one fixed and one variable. This way you’ll have the best of both worlds. 

PLEASE NOTE, if you currently have a variable rate mortgage that is “over” prime, call me and I’ll show you how to save some money. 

So, if you’re afraid you’ve missed the good rates, call or email me and find out what I can do for you. 


Brian Mill, B.A., CFP, AMP

519 379 3003