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Real estate and mortgage weekly update Feb 8

General Brian Mill 8 Feb

We’re into another blast of winter and this time it seems that purchasers have finally said enough and things have slowed down a bit.  Many agents say they’re still going on listing appointments so hopefully in a few weeks we’ll have lots of inventory for these buyers to choose from, but not “too much inventory”. 


Interest rates remain unchanged and at record low levels.  Refinances seem to be the hot item right now as people are taking advantage of these low rates to consolidate debt and get their finances back in shape.  I can still get 2.94% on a 5 year fixed and 2.65% on a variable, however most people are sticking with the fixed rate mortgages.  If you or any of your friends/family/neighbours are considering a refinance or have a mortgage coming due, please put them in touch with me.  I give my clients the best rate up front and don’t make them haggle so we can focus on getting the right product and solution for them.  My financial planning knowledge also helps me give advice to my clients that not every mortgage agent can offer.


I will be around all weekend with shovel in hand so call or email me anytime.  This would normally be my annual ice fishing weekend with “the guys” however being the coach of my son’s team I will be hanging around ice rinks all weekend instead of an ice hut.  I’m sure the fish in the lakes around North Bay are breathing a sigh of relief that I’m not going this year!  (J)